Personalize Your Featured Officer

This feature allows you to personalize your visits to the Officer Down Memorial Page, Inc., by having your fallen hero featured whenever you visit. This will allow you to quickly visit his or her memorial and to view your officer's most recent Reflections. Simply complete the three steps below and your officer will appear in the "We Remember..." section each time you visit the ODMP.

Remove personalization and have a random hero displayed

3. Select your officer:

Constable Arthur S. Duncan
Monday, July 2, 1917
Inspector Joe Carruthers
Tuesday, June 13, 1933
Constable Wilfred J. Cox
Friday, May 23, 1941
Constable Ken Delmage
Wednesday, November 6, 1957
Detective Hugh (Boyd) Davidson
Friday, December 20, 1974
Staff Sergeant Allan (Keith) Harrison
Friday, March 12, 1976
Constable Bill Shelever
Friday, May 27, 1977
Constable Robert John Vanderwiel
Tuesday, September 22, 1992
Constable Richard Sonnenberg
Friday, October 8, 1993
Constable John D. Petropoulos
Friday, September 29, 2000
Constable Darren Beatty
Wednesday, October 17, 2001

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