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This feature allows you to personalize your visits to the Officer Down Memorial Page, Inc., by having your fallen hero featured whenever you visit. This will allow you to quickly visit his or her memorial and to view your officer's most recent Reflections. Simply complete the three steps below and your officer will appear in the "We Remember..." section each time you visit the ODMP.

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Guard Henry Traill
Thursday, July 7, 1870
Instructor David Cunningham
Friday, December 5, 1890
Deputy Warden Richard H. Stedman
Thursday, April 15, 1909
Guard John Henry Joynson
Saturday, October 5, 1912
Guard Anton Martinsen Fladeby
Sunday, May 11, 1919
Guard Joseph Purcell
Sunday, September 28, 1919
Correctional Officer Arthur Awty
Saturday, November 29, 1919
Guard John Williams
Friday, June 25, 1926
Guard Malcolm Earl Jenkins
Saturday, August 28, 1926
Corrections Officer John J. McCormick
Monday, July 13, 1936
Guard Kearwood Kip White
Thursday, December 25, 1941
Guard John D. Kennedy
Monday, April 26, 1948
Guard William Clement Wentworth
Friday, November 24, 1961
Corrections Officer Joseph Eugene R. Tellier
Thursday, May 2, 1963
Correctional Officer Edwin J. Masterton
Wednesday, September 23, 1964
Instructor Stanley Green
Monday, July 22, 1974
Instructor G. Louis Georges Nadeau
Tuesday, April 8, 1975
Correctional Officer Roy William Eddy
Friday, June 6, 1975
Classification Officer Mary Steinhauser
Wednesday, June 11, 1975
Corrections Officer Joseph Albert Paul Gosselin
Friday, June 27, 1975
Warden Michael Roy
Tuesday, February 7, 1978
Correctional Officer Paul Guy Fournier
Tuesday, July 11, 1978
Senior Correctional Officer Francis (Frank) A.G. Eustace
Sunday, November 26, 1978
Food Services Officer Joseph Daniel Paul Maurice
Sunday, November 26, 1978
Correctional Officer William Morrison
Saturday, October 11, 1980
Corrections Officer J. B. Denis Rivard
Sunday, July 25, 1982
Senior Keeper Léandre Leblanc
Sunday, July 25, 1982
Senior Correctional Officer David Van Den Abeele Sr.
Sunday, July 25, 1982
Corrections Officer J. R. Serge Delorme
Saturday, April 2, 1983
Living Unit Officer Joseph George Wendl
Friday, July 13, 1984
Living Unit Officer Werner Rudolph Friesen
Friday, July 13, 1984
Correctional Supervisor Arnold Henry Harrison
Tuesday, January 28, 1997
Senior Manager Daniel T.A. Rowan
Friday, November 12, 1999
Parole Officer Louise Pargeter
Wednesday, October 6, 2004

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